Viral YouTube Beauty Vloggers
There's just far too many YouTube viral beauty bloggers to mention in one article. Today we've undergone the difficult task of choosing just 5 for you. These beauty bloggers hit YouTube's trending page on the regular and have millions of engaged subscribers each. It's not just about the followers. They're creating cutting edge content and sharing great advice to the eager audience who watches them daily.
1. Michelle Phan

Known as the first true viral beauty YouTuber, Michelle Phan started out making simple tutorials at home. Now, she's building her own beauty brand Em Cosmetics, has a beauty box company in Ipsy (valued at almost $1 billion) and continues to produce broadcast quality content. On top of that, she also created Icon, a YouTube content creation channel for up and coming YouTubers. She has her own comic book, book and several endorsement deals. By every definition, Michelle Phan has been promoted from part time YouTuber to full time Mogul.

2. Jeffrey Star

Musician turned Beauty YouTuber, Star gives what can only be described as extremely honest reviews on beauty brands, openly sharing what he loves and what he doesn't. That honesty has earned him a large following (over 4 million subscribers) who enjoy his style and trust his unbiased reviews. He also has him own beauty line Jeffrey Star Cosmetics.
3. Lauren Curtis

This Australian from down under hit YouTube stardom with a video on "How to get massive lashes" and now has a committed global fan based who watch her videos religiously covering all elements of beauty. On top of that, she also vlogs her life from Perth, Australia.

4. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie has over 7 million YouTube subscribers. She also has over 8 million Instagram followers. Her most popular video on the power of makeup has over 35 million views. What more do you need to know?

2. Manny Mua

Manny Mua grew extremely popular very quickly since starting his Youtube channel in 2014 with now over 3.2 million subscribers. When he was younger, he used to work at the best salons in San Diego like Sephora and MAC and later left medical school to pursue his dream of becoming a makeup artist. Now one of the most popular beauty Youtubers, his videos include collabs, tutorials and product reviews.
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