The 2017 Beauty Trends according to Google
Did you know there are 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day? Google used this data to release their Beauty Trends report for 2017, and we thought we'd share the most interesting parts. Here's the latest and largest beauty trends from Google as voted by your Google-ing.
New trending searches

• charcoal mask
• peel-off face mask
• sheet mask
• bath bombs with rings
• 24k gold mask
• charcoal for skin

Trending searches that have continued to rise over the past few years
• Epsom salt bath
• dead sea mud mask
• apple cider vinegar bath
• Korean skin care
• bentonite clay mask
• turmeric mask
• vegan body wash

Spotlight: Vegan Beauty
Get your vegan on. It's not just for food. Vegan beauty is on the rise. Think vegan soap, vegan skin care, vegan chap stick, vegan face wash, vegan lotion, vegan body wash.

Spotlight: Organic continues
In France and Europe especially, organic beauty is popular and trending including organic coconut oil, organic argon and castor oil, and organic aloe vera.

Spotlight: Masks & Ingredients

  1. Masks are hot right now all over the world from USA, to France and Japan. The world loves masks.
  2. Ingredients matter, and we are more than ever searching products based on ingredients. At BeautyPro, we think this will be the #1 factor in beauty moving forward.
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